Monday, February 4, 2008

now that i am no longer babysitting multiple days during the week, malachi and i are developing a new routine. we've been going for walks each morning. for the first part malachi rides his tricycle around the block one or two times while rafiki enjoys the slow pace so she can sniff anything and everything she wants to. then we put the tricycle away and get out the stroller for the longer faster paced part of our walk.
it has been a lot of fun spending this time with malachi. he has yet to use the pedals on his tricycle but i am sure that will come in no time. he always wants to wear his hat and bring a few of his cars or trains in the back of his trike. and to think, in a couple months his little sister will get to join in on the fun!
speaking of...i am now 33 weeks along and, according to many people i see on the street, looking like i am ready to pop anytime (why is it that people feel so free to comment on the large size of a pregnant belly?!) i saw my midwife today and everything is looking good. we actually put the infant car seat in the car this weekend (maybe due to some wishful thinking on my part that maybe our little girl will come early...not too early though of course). besides feeling very large i have been having major sciatica nerve pain. hopefully that will not continue after i can borrow a maternity belt (...thanks allison :))