Monday, June 30, 2008

Potty Training...unofficially

i am not quite ready to commit to potty training
but we did get a potty for malachi today.
we brought it home and he wanted to try it out.
after sitting down for just a couple minutes
he stood up and said he was done.
to my surprise he had actually gone!
beginners luck i suppose. :)

24 Things

We are back from our trip and I will be posting about it a little later but I've been tagged by my friend Ashley so I thought I would do that first.

Here are 24 things about me:

4 places I go over and over
1. Trader Joe's - they have great prices, and unique and tasty food
2. Thrift stores - to buy clothes for my two kids, when they grow so fast what is the point of paying full price?!
3. Blogs of all my friends - I check for updates all the time
4. Costco - to pick up pictures, buy household items and Malachi loves the samples, so do I :)

4 people that email me
1. My Hubby - often with humorous forwards that he gets from coworkers
2. Mom's group ladies
3. American Airlines - with Net SAAver Fares, except there are never any good deals to the places I want to go
4. Home School Legal Defense Association - so I can try to stay in the know for when I do start homeschooling

4 of my favorite foods
1. hummus - for dip and on sandwiches and wraps...and purchased from TJ's of course
2. strawberry shortcake - my favorite dessert, but it has to be with homemade biscuits and whipped cream...the way my mom always makes it. Just had this while in Texas for my birthday!
3. dark chocolate - with peanut butter, on chocolate covered almonds and as chips in homemade chocolate chip cookies, Nestle Toll House recipe of course (oops! did I just mention three favorite foods?)
4. BBQ Tri-tip - just olive oil, pepper, garlic and Lawry's seasoned salt

4 places I would rather be right now
1. Anywhere with my Hubby and kids relaxing and having family time
2. Texas - with my sister (of course with our kids playing) even though I just got back from a 3 week trip there. oh yeah, my parents and brother-in-law are there too :)
3. Georgia - with my friend of over 15 years, helping her settle her new home
4. out for a walk, jog, or hike in a non-city location, getting exercise

4 movies I could watch over and over
1. Cars - my son's favorite movie, I think it's funny but I love to watch him enjoying it
2. Cinderella Man
3. Schindler's List
4. Finding Nemo

4 people I want to learn more about, you are tagged
1. Allison
2. Rachel
3. Taffy
4. Katie

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Girls!

we had a FABULOUS time today with the cousins
(and so glad we will be here to enjoy many more days together).
i didn't take many pictures but this one i had to post,
the two beautiful girl cousins, meeting each other for the first time.

airplane, cars and milk

on the airplane ride malachi enjoyed watching his favorite movie, cars, and...zoe's first plane ride consisted mostly of enjoying milk. :)

First Meeting

Visiting our good friend Ella
(Kurtis and I lived with her for almost a year)
This was Ella's first time meeting Zoe.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Doctor's Visit x2

Today I took Zoe in for her 2 month well baby and Malachi got an xray to check for the illusive coin.

As far as the "little one" is considered she is 90th percentile for height and weight. My suspicion that she IS in fact getting enough breastmilk was confirmed. :) Growing to be 12lbs 11oz and 23.75 inches doesn't just happen.

We chose to spread out her vaccines a little and so she got two shots today as well as the new oral rotavirus vaccine. I gave her the oral one first which she was not too happy about, gagging and choking and coughing multiple times, but she got it down. She cried for the shots of course but calmed down immediately after she started to nurse. Everything else checked out well. Her doctor was very impressed with her head/neck control and how high she could lift her head while on her tummy...but I already knew she was an exceptional baby! :) What a blessing to have a healthy child!

And the xray...the coin was nowhere to be found. I still can't believe I missed that. I have been VERY thorough in checking those poopy diapers, but alas even I am not perfect. ;)

The pictures have nothing to do with what I just wrote, I just find so much joy in posting pics of my two cutie pies!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tanaka Farm

We celebrated a belated Mother's Day today with Kurtis' parents
by going on a Strawberry Tour at Tanaka Farms.
Here is our visit in pictures.

Malachi with his grandma, waiting for the tour to begin.

Sitting with anticipation for an exciting ride
behind a tractor all around the farm.

We got to taste some yummy, freshly picked foods.
Here is Malachi trying a sweet onion...
he didn't think it was so sweet though
and handed it to me right after I shot this picture.

He liked the carrot a little more,
but really only took a nibble.

It was improving with each veggie, he liked the broccoli
but not as much as...

...the STRAWBERRIES! Most definitely his favorite part.
We had a total of 15 minutes in the strawberry patch.
Here he is with Papa, filling the first of 4 containers
(one for each paying adult, kids are free 2 and under
and therefore don't get a container).

Mama, Malachi and Zoe (in the Bjorn, she slept the whole time)
enjoying the strawberry buffet.
After the containers were filled
we could spend the rest of the time eating
all the strawberries we could pick...mmm, so good!

Grandpa and Malachi waiting in the wagon for everyone to get loaded up.

A very satisfied, strawberry juice stained face or
maybe it's a look of disappointment that we were headed back.
Either way Malachi had a lot of fun.
Thank you Grandma for being willing to spend "Mother's Day"
out in the heat, in a bumpy tractor-pulled wagon ride. :)

Like I said, Zoe slept the entire time.
This is the most excitement she saw,
getting her diaper changed in the trunk of our car
just before leaving to go home.
We will have to do it again next year
when she can join in the fun.