Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tanaka Farm

We celebrated a belated Mother's Day today with Kurtis' parents
by going on a Strawberry Tour at Tanaka Farms.
Here is our visit in pictures.

Malachi with his grandma, waiting for the tour to begin.

Sitting with anticipation for an exciting ride
behind a tractor all around the farm.

We got to taste some yummy, freshly picked foods.
Here is Malachi trying a sweet onion...
he didn't think it was so sweet though
and handed it to me right after I shot this picture.

He liked the carrot a little more,
but really only took a nibble.

It was improving with each veggie, he liked the broccoli
but not as much as...

...the STRAWBERRIES! Most definitely his favorite part.
We had a total of 15 minutes in the strawberry patch.
Here he is with Papa, filling the first of 4 containers
(one for each paying adult, kids are free 2 and under
and therefore don't get a container).

Mama, Malachi and Zoe (in the Bjorn, she slept the whole time)
enjoying the strawberry buffet.
After the containers were filled
we could spend the rest of the time eating
all the strawberries we could pick...mmm, so good!

Grandpa and Malachi waiting in the wagon for everyone to get loaded up.

A very satisfied, strawberry juice stained face or
maybe it's a look of disappointment that we were headed back.
Either way Malachi had a lot of fun.
Thank you Grandma for being willing to spend "Mother's Day"
out in the heat, in a bumpy tractor-pulled wagon ride. :)

Like I said, Zoe slept the entire time.
This is the most excitement she saw,
getting her diaper changed in the trunk of our car
just before leaving to go home.
We will have to do it again next year
when she can join in the fun.


dawn said...

Hello Pam it is your cuz Dawn...I love the farm...I go three times a year..Strawberry, watermelon and pumpkin tours. It is so much fun!

Rhona on November 10, 2008 at 11:29 PM said...

This is great info to know.