Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8 Years of Blessings

yesterday we celebrate our 8th anniversary. it has not always been easy, actually we have had some very challenging times but through it all god has sustained and blessed us! kurtis was able to take the day off work and we spent the entire day together as a family! with kurtis working quite a bit lately time together has been a rare thing so this was the best gift we could give one another.

after getting to sleep in a bit we woke up and got out the door by about 9. we drove into la and had breakfast at the pantry.

i had never been there and we figured it would be fun to enjoy some of the historical things that surround us in this city. after a yummy and indulgent breakfast we had to work off the calories so we did a hike to the hollywood sign.

we had brought our back pack for malachi but we have a stud of a son and he was able to complete the 3 mile round trip hike on his own! (kurtis only carried him for about a quarter mile)

we stopped at home for a quick shower and then went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, open sesame.

what a fabulous anniversary, spending it with each other and the 2 biggest blessings god has given us in the last 8 years. we had a lot of fun talking about all that we have experienced since august of 2000 and about hopes and dreams we have for the next 8 years. only god knows but we look forward what he has for us!