Thursday, January 22, 2009

9 Months...well closer to 10 now!

Zoe's 9 month 'birthday' hit when we were out visiting family in Texas and I failed to do a post. We just went to her 9 month check up yesterday so I figure it is fitting to do the post now even though she will be 10 months in 9 days.

She's 20 lbs, 30 inches long and has a larger than average head circumference :).

She has decided she likes eating, mostly when it is finger food she can feed herself, string cheese is her current favorite. She just got her third tooth.

She squeals in delight when her brother plays with her, especially when he chases her and lets her chase him.

She enjoys flipping through books, we will see if we will be lucky enough to be blessed with another child that loves reading.

She can say uh-oh, clearly and at appropriate times, like when she 'accidentally' drops her food on the floor while looking at us with an adorable smile.

She waves bye-bye and claps.


She took her first steps, 3 or 4 actually, today!!