Friday, May 15, 2009

No news...sorry I forgot to update

Kaiser has changed the way they do things and we only had paperwork and lab work at this appointment. I am not too happy about their change, don't they realize that everyone loves to see that little peanut at the first prenatal?! Note to self...and anyone else that has Kaiser...don't have your husband come with you to the first prenatal (unless of course you need help answering all the history questions). We will have our next appointment on the 28th and get to have an informal ultrasound then. I am supposed to have a formal ultrasound to give me a due date, since we have no idea, since I had no "first day of my last..." :) but I am working on getting in earlier than mid-June :|. I actually really like Kaiser but today I was a little perturbed with their new system. Maybe God just wants to give me the opportunity to practice patience...lovely. :\

To end on a positive note, I already got my lab results (good job Kaiser!) and all my numbers came back within the desired ranges. Hemoglobbin, did I spell that right?, was on the lower end but still okay. I guess I just need to eat a few more In-N-Out burgers to get that iron. :)
Anyway, thank you to everyone that prayed for us and the baby. You can continue to pray of course :) and I promise to update a little sooner next time for all those waiting on pins and needles cause you have nothing better to do than to keep checking our blog...hahaha. Yeah, I think it's too late and I'm rambling. I do have better things to do, like sleep.


Gwen on May 15, 2009 at 10:21 AM said...

How frustrating for you...but that's how all of my first appt's have gone too.