Saturday, January 30, 2010

1 Month and Birthmarks

Our sweet and beautiful Shiloh is already a month old!

So I was playing around with the camera after taking pictures today and saw I could fix the red eye with it (the camera) rather than doing it on the computer.
Well apparently it does not distinguish between eyes and birthmarks, or at least Shiloh's birthmark. ;)
On that note...
Many of our friends have asked about Shiloh's birthmark so I thought it may be helpful to disperse the information via our blog for those that are curious.
It is what some call a strawberry birthmark, also known as a hemangioma.

Basically it's a grouping of blood vessels. No one is quite sure what causes them to occur. It will grow for approximately one year, then there is a resting period and then it will slowly fade (at least this is what I have read, I'm sure there are variations of this timeline).
50% of hemagiomas are gone by age 5.

Here is Shiloh's birthmark progression...

In the hospital, the day she was born.
She had a very small purple-ish dot, barely visible in this picture.

2 weeks

1 month
Today was probably the first day I could feel that it is slightly raised, about a week ago I could see texture in it but it still was smooth to the touch.


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