Friday, June 1, 2007

Kids. They say (and do) the darndest things.

For all of you that don't know, Malachi is fabulous at most things :) but sleeping is not one of those. He has been getting better but just when we think we've got something mastered in this area, he throws us a curve ball.

Tonight is a perfect example...but first some background info.

A few months ago when I was trying to wean Malachi from his night nursings I discovered that if I gave him some water from his sippy cup instead of nursing him he would drink and then go back to sleep (that sounds like it was a lot smoother transition than it actually was but you get the point.) I finally got him to the point where he would nurse at 7:30, be in bed by 8 and would not nurse again until 4 But he would still wake at least 2 times and I would get up and give him water. Now to some this may seem crazy, but I was elated with the progress. :)

Anyway, I finally decided that having to get up and give him the sippy cup was unnecessary if I could just leave it in his crib and get him to figure out that he could get it himself (I know it seems like a no-brainer to most). Well we got him to do that pretty quickly and soon we were getting to experience a much longer chunk of time sleeping. However, the last couple of nights he has seemed to revert back to his old ways and he has been giving us a challenge...which leads me back to my original topic of tonight. :)

So tonight I go to lay him down and he immediately protests. I decide to leave the room and let him cry it out. Well, that didn't work so I go in the bedroom to see what is going on. It dawns on me that he doesn't have his sippy cup. I get it, give him a drink, put it in the corner of the crib (the normal spot) and tell him to lay back down, and this is what follows:

Malachi - crawls to the sippy cup, picks it up and hands it to me.
Me - (thinking) 'Okay he wants me to take his cup, he doesn't want it in the crib'
Malachi - sits up and says, "Wa" which is his word for water.
Me - 'He wants more water, okay' and I give him another sip.
Malachi - after his sip he lays down
Me - I put his cup in the corner
Malachi - cries, crawls to the cup, gives it to me then lays down...after 1 second he puts his head up and says, "Wa" do you get the point, this continued on a couple more times before I finally caught on to his little game. That little stinker just wanted me to stand there and be his 'water girl.'


thefieldhouses on June 1, 2007 at 11:00 PM said...

That son of yours...he's got everybody wrapped around his finger! What a cutie. :)