Wednesday, May 30, 2007

love and affection or bad habit?

this is malachi with his friend jordyn. they are three months apart and see each other a couple times a week when i babysit her. i think they are beginning to have a little bit of a love/hate relationship. this picture is a perfect example. malachi loves to be affectionate with jordy and has picked up on my modeling of what you do when you are loving on bite them. well, not bite really. i have this horrible habit of 'chewing' on all malachi's chunky places, his cheeks, tummy, legs, arms...well just about everywhere. (in my defense though i'm not the only one who has this habit.) anyway, i think he has decided that's how you show love cause now he wants to do that to jordy except he's not always the best judge at how to do it gently. at the time i took this picture he was actually being very gentle and they were both giggling but she has gotten a little more than she bargained for a couple times.