Friday, May 11, 2007

Can we be cool too?!

Seems like everyone and their mother...well maybe not mothers, at least not mine because to her it's crazy to put personal info on the internet for the world to see, anyway...seems like a lot of people have blogs now. I love reading about what is going on in everyone else's world and had the crazy idea that maybe some of those people would like to know about our life too.

I must admit that I tried this blog thing once before and failed miserably. I posted once and only once because it took me so stinkin' long to write the post due to the fact that I had the hardest time deciding on exactly how to word everything just so. Well, this time my goal is to avoid being obsessive and just write. Plus being that this blog is for our family I figure Kurtis can post sometimes too. Haven't really discussed that with him yet but he'll soon find out what he has unknowingly signed up for. And if this thing lasts for any length of time our kids can join in the fun. :)

Speaking of kids...

...our firstborn enjoyed a day out in the sun today. Well, not sure how much he enjoyed it. He doesn't like walking on the dead grass in our backyard and he was a little fearful of the Elmo sprinkler.
...I'm pregnant with our second child or at least that is our prayer. We are unsure right now as to whether this baby is developing normally or if it has already passed away. I found out I was pregnant on April 14. On the 30th I went in for my first appointment. It was at this time that my midwife mentioned the possibility of this, that is the baby, being a 'blighted ovum.' I won't go into the description of this I figure you can Google it if you're curious but to make a long story short my hormone levels have not been increasing at a normal rate so we won't know anything for sure until the 18th of May when I go in for another ultrasound. It is confusing to be in this state of limbo, not knowing whether to grieve a loss or continue being excited about having a second child. We have all the confidence in God's perfect plan and know that whatever happens He will bring good out of it.

Well, I think I have neglected my responsibilities long enough...that's all for now.