Sunday, October 14, 2007

No, Yes and Thank you

well a few weeks ago kurtis had an interview with a company down in costa mesa. he felt the interview went very well and was feeling hopeful about getting a call. they called back and informed him that they wanted him to take a test, a personality test of sorts, and that was going to factor into their decision to hire him or not. so he took the test and we waited to hear some good news.

on monday of last week he was called by one of the owner's of the company. he was told that due to the results on the test they had decided he would not be a good fit for their company. we were incredibly disappointed to say the least! a few minutes after the phone call kurtis decided he would call back and ask about a lingering clarification about the test. when he did he was routed to the voice mailbox so he just got to leave a message.

tuesday morning we both woke up feeling pretty defeated being that this job hunt thing has not been the easiest. we tried to remind ourselves that God must have a bigger picture that we just can't see and therefore there is something better out there.

late tuesday afternoon the owner returned kurtis' call. he informed kurtis that he was very impressed with kurtis' relentless follow up. he had gone back and looked at the test results and had been a little baffled by one glaring point that it made. it had 'determined' that kurtis did not have a positive outlook on things. read that correct and for anyone who knows kurtis you may now pick your jaw up off the floor (as i had to do). i can safely say that if there is any critique of my husband it is that he is sometimes overly optimistic, pessimism does not run in his blood! well the owner was able to sense that in the interview and hence was a bit baffled by these test results...

well to make a long story short (if you want to hear the unedited version ask kurtis and i am sure he will be happy to tell you) the owner then offered him the job!
Thank you Lord!

tomorrow is kurtis' first day at his new job. we are so grateful and thankful for all of those that have prayed for us in this process. please continue to pray for us as we make this transition. kurtis will continue to work the contracting stuff to help us make the financial transition and also because he is in the middle of a few jobs that he is committed to seeing through till the end.


cristina on October 15, 2007 at 7:02 AM said...

that is awesome news! i am so happy for you guys :)