Thursday, November 29, 2007

A penny for their thoughts

today i watched jordyn (i go to huntington beach to babysit her 2-3 times a week). she is 3 months younger than malachi and about half his size but she does pretty well holding her own. they have a lot of fun together but they are also very normal 1 year olds which means they are very preoccupied with determining what is theirs. "mine" is a key word in their vocabulary. Out of fairness to jordyn however it is usually my sweet darling son who is 'stealing' the toys.

however there are those very cherished moments when i see them working together on something. today it was with the blocks. mind you this is HUGE considering the blocks are very often the objects being fought over. nonetheless...

i was in the kitchen doing some dishes when i realized i did not hear either one of them which of course usually means they are getting into something they ought not. something that also happened today when they decided to open the wine fridge and proceed to take out all the beer cans, but that is another story. anyhow since it was quiet i checked up on them.

when i walked into the living room i saw them taking turns, let me say that again Taking Turns!, to take some blocks out of a container, walk about five feet away to a rocking snail and dump them into the back pocket area. then as soon as all the blocks were in the rocking snail they proceeded to return them, two or three at a time, to the container. they continued to do this in silence for about 5 minutes! how sweet it is to see two little ones working together for one common goal.

now if only i could figure out why this was so intriguing to them...