Wednesday, November 14, 2007

what a bummer!

i had this awesome video i wanted to post on here, went through the whole process on you tube and got to the end and it couldn't download because our camera saves it as .avi
it is a fabulous video of malachi (surprise, surprise) cussing. well, he is actually meaning to say 'truck' but somehow his /tr/ sounds very much like /f/. so if anyone knows how in the world i can change the .avi to .mpg (if that is in fact even what it is supposed to be) and you can explain the process to me in terms i am able to grasp maybe i will be able to show off my sons potty mouth video :)

since i have no video i guess i will update everyone...all ? of you...on the olson haps.

kurtis is lovin' his new job. we are soooo grateful for everyone who prayed for us during the job hunt time and praise God for providing this when he did. it is challenging (which is one reason he likes it) but he also loves the people he works with. you can continue to pray for him as he settles into a groove and builds up his client list. we are praying that God connects him to the right people in order that he can meet his goals.

kurtis is still finishing up a few contracting jobs, this is proving to be very tiring and frustrating. he would like to just be able to focus on the new job but instead is finding it necessary to be putting in many more hours in order to finish this other stuff. as i write, in fact, it is 9pm and he is still not home. last night he didn't get home till 11pm. he has been leaving in the morning around 6am and working weekends. pray for God to give him strength and perseverance to finish well.

malachi is doing well. he is becoming more and more independant and learning new words every day. he is missing his papa though so he will be glad, as we all will be, when kurtis is just working the one job. i can't say how many times i have thought of single parents or families where one parent is gone for extended periods like those in the military, then i figure i don't have it bad at all!!

as far as i go...well my stomach is getting bigger every day it seems. i have been able to feel baby zoe (as malachi likes to say...we decided to name her zoe esther; zoe means life and esther is after kurtis' grandma) moving since about 16 weeks but i have yet to feel her kick from the outside. i am anxious for that to happen mostly because malachi is so intrigued with her and tries to feel her move every night before he goes to bed.


cristina on November 23, 2007 at 3:46 PM said...

hey there!
i believe you can post .avi file movies through blogger itself.. it is a little icon right by the icon you click to add a picture. its pretty simple, and its a lot faster than youtube.
hope all is well!