Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finally a haircut

malachi's hair finally drove me crazy enough to take it upon myself to cut it. usually his grandma cuts it (which is a fabulous thing) but it hasn't worked out for her to cut his hair the last few times we've gotten together.
i looked online for ideas of how to go about cutting his hair and the one great tip i found was to let them watch a video. so i popped in the movie 'cars' to our computer, malachi was ecstatic cause he has never gotten to watch a video on our computer before and we don't have a tv. the only time he watches anything is when we are at someone else's house.
well i must say the movie worked wonders. he sat and let me take all the time i needed to get his hair finished. i am sure i will improve on my technique but for a first time toddler cut i was happy.