Tuesday, December 11, 2007

it's the little things

for me it's hearing a belly laugh from malachi, seeing him sit quietly and read a book by himself, a hug from a friend, being treated to a cup of coffee, getting an encouraging email. these are all things that bring joy to my life. as many of you have read in a previous post god blessed kurtis with a wonderful job a couple of months ago. we continue to thank him for it and are so grateful but it has been a difficult transition for us. we keep reminding ourselves that this is a season and god will get us through it but at times when it seems so overwhelming i try to appreciate the little things (and of course not forget those big things either).

well the other day it was fun to watch malachi appreciate a 'little' thing as well. we have some amazing friends and family that have been so giving and supportive for us over the last...well during this entire job searching/transition time...and of course it is never enough to say thank you but for now that is about all we can do. anyway, one of these terrific couples had bought a christmas present for malachi knowing that it would also be very helpful to us given that money has been tight to say the least. they gave us the gift early when they found out we were in need of it and boy was it a hit with malachi! who would've thought a box of diapers could be such an amazing toy! and to think of all the money that gets spent buying kids the newest gadgets. malachi walked on, stacked, carried and jumped over these diapers for a few days. thank you igos for the wonderful gift!!


Gwen said...

Rhea does the same thing when I bring home a box of diapers. She lays them out as Malachi has done in the photo and then climbs or lays on them and more. And she uses the box for a boat or bed. She'll stuff herself, her blanket and her pillow inside. Yes, thank God for the unexpected toys and the one that are right in front of us. :-)

Brian on December 13, 2007 at 12:25 PM said...

I can relate. I do the same thing when I get a package of Hanes.