Sunday, March 2, 2008

Excitement and Dread

we have officially hit the month of march and hopefully will be meeting our sweet little girl, face to face, this month. we are 23 days away from the due date but who's counting. i'm feeling as though i can't possibly get much bigger...and so many people are willing to point that out to me as well :).
i am getting very excited to finally see our zoe and begin life as a family of four but boy am i beginning to dread going through labor. i can only pray that this time it is not as long and it sure would be fabulous if i can do most of the laboring at home. with malachi i was induced (cause he was going to be so huge i was told...and yes he was only 7lbs 10oz...never again will i believe the size estimations i hear) i would really love it if we don't have to go through that again.
last week at my regular weekly appointment my midwife heard some decelerations in zoe's heartbeat and wanted to follow up with monitoring at the hospital. when i arrived at the hospital at 3pm they checked me into labor and delivery triage and i didn't actually leave until 5:30! heartbeat sounded fine, everything was fine...just sent me into a bit of an emotional roller coaster even though i am well aware that decelerations are very normal. we are just grateful everything looks great and continue to pray that she arrives healthy and strong.