Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

first of all, happy mother's day to all mothers that are reading this. hope you are enjoying your day as well as i am enjoying mine. the day began with a breakfast made by my loving hubby and both kiddos slept in a little later so we were able to enjoy some uninterrupted conversation. thanks both to kurtis and the kids for that gift! then we went to church and malachi was baptized and received his first communion! what a blessing to get to do that on mother's day.

not only is it mother's day but we also got to celebrate pentecost sunday! most of the parishoners wore red today to signify the tongues of fire that descended on the disciples at pentecost. i now know for sure that we have been at our church for over a year because i distinctively remember pentecost sunday last year due to the abundance of red.

a year ago i had very different feelings and opinions about this episcopal church thing. frankly, when i first attended mass i hoped kurtis would get this desire out of his system after a few weeks. oh how glad i am for kurtis' persistence with me.

growing up in a christian home there was never a time i didn't know about god and yet 31 years later i am relating to god in a much more robust way. this is happening as a result of being a part of a community of believers that live the life of christ year after year.

how exciting it has been to both kurtis and myself to follow the church calendar. it provides a framework that grounds all other things that we do. as a teacher i always sought to have routine in what i taught knowing that it would only enhance the ownership a student had of the content. what i perceived as boring repetition in a catholic mass, daily and annually, is actually doing for my faith what i aimed to do as a first grade teacher!

after mass we picked up these incredible burgers from a place called rudy's down in newport beach that kurtis has been raving about as the best burger he's ever had. i didn't want to eat them at the sports bar where we got them (not exactly a mothers day type place) so we took them to a park for a picnic. they were deliciously exceptional but not your everyday burger in price either so it was a real treat. malachi played a little as we sat and relaxed with zoe.

we left the park and dropped by to visit a friend then came home. when kurtis asked what i wanted for mothers day earlier in the week i asked if we could just come home and spend some time in the backyard, bbq and do a project or two. he has been working so much that we don't get to do that much. so we got home and malachi and kurtis put together two adirondack chairs. in fact that is where i am sitting right now, in one of our new chairs, under the stars along with my fabulous husband and beautiful baby girl (malachi is sound asleep in his crib) and rafiki, our chocolate lab.

wow i just noticed the time, it is late! kurtis says he's trying to maximize my mother's day. what a fabulous day it has been, i say he's accomplished his goal wouldn't you!

btw i haven't posted any pictures lately because apparently my 'startup disk is full' and i can't download pictures from my camera to my computer. so after i get around to fixing that problem i'll post more pics.


Seen by Mercy on June 2, 2008 at 8:43 PM said...

Pamela, it's so neat to hear how you feel now about being at a liturgical church! I figured you were happier now than you were when you guys first started, but I hadn't actually heard your thoughts about it. I agree that one of my favorite parts is living out the church year. :) I'm glad you guys have stuck around. :) Love, Katie