Tuesday, July 29, 2008


did you feel it? we did. the kids didn't seem to notice, they were both sitting in the stroller (our fabulous, most wonderful new BOB duallie revolution that we got THE most amazing deal on, but that should be another post but it won't be...you can ask me about it if you are interested) annnywaay...
earthquakes have never seemed to bother me much in the past but i think this is the first one of any significance that i have felt since having kids, it actually shook me up a little bit.

during the few seconds it lasted all i could think about was, where can i go to make sure my kids don't get hurt. do i stay put (under this patio roof) or do i push the stroller out onto the sidewalk (closer to a large tree) or do i make a run for the empty lot across the street?

what are the 'rules' about earthquake safety? i think i'd better freshen up on them before the next one hits.


Jessica on July 30, 2008 at 6:05 PM said...

I thought the earthquake was scarier now that I have kids too! I was here for the Northridge quake and a few others, but I don't remember my heart pounding so hard before, and I'm sure it's because my mind was running right to, "the kids, are they okay?"

fwiw, I've heard the safest place to be is actually NEXT TO a solid piece of furniture, because it creates a "triangle" if a roof beam or something falls down - the furniture catches one end, the floor the other, and you're safe in the triangle of space in between.