Saturday, July 19, 2008

updates on the little ones

malachi finished his swimming lessons yesterday. can't really say he graduated from level 1 but he at least learned to be a little more comfortable in the water, specifically going under water. he even went off the diving board yesterday with his instructor. of course it was the one day i forgot to bring my camera, so i failed at capturing the moment. hopefully i will get a picture the first time he jumps by himself. watching the lessons gave us some ideas of what to do with him in the water, so hopefully we will get many opportunities to swim the rest of the summer.he continues to love playing with his cars. he loves jumping and playing in the sand and dirt. we'd be rich if i had a penny for every time i heard someone say "he is all boy." he continues to enjoy testing all the boundaries and can be very challenging at times, but then again he is a 2 year old. :) he is very talkative and communicates quite well and he makes us laugh with the comments that he comes up with. he is a ton of fun!

and for zoe...our beautiful girl with a smile that lights up a room, her content soul makes it a joy and relatively easy to have two kids. she is coming up on 4 months and weighs in at about 16 pounds already (according to our scale). she can roll both ways, though she doesn't roll from back to front too often. she grabs and plays with her toes which is adorable, grabs and hits at toys, coos and talks a lot and loves to watch her brother as he plays. she is also working on her first two teeth already. we can see the white spots on her bottom gums, we'll see how long it takes for them to cut all the way through.
she continues to amaze me with her sleeping. she is not really on a strict schedule with sleeping but she goes down easy. she usually has about 3 or 4 naps a day an hour each. she goes down at night at the same time as malachi and wakes a couple times at night. laying her down awake and having her go to sleep on her own (with a pacifier) is something i am very grateful for.