Saturday, February 21, 2009

i love thrifting!

i have some new photos and some video to post but i don't have the time or patience to do that right now so i thought i would just update with a little something.

i love going to thrift stores. well, i love shopping for my kids clothes at thrift stores...not so much clothes for me since i have a freakish body shape/size ;) we have been blessed by friends to be able to borrow clothes which is wonderful (and free) but then i also am concerned about the clothes getting ruined. since i like to have a few clothes and let the kids wear them over and over again the clothes we have do tend to get worn looking. so i figure it best to move out of the borrowing only, to borrowing every now and then but getting our own at thrifts.

tonight i went to one thrift store and was amazed at the deals. i should take pictures but let's just say i get a giddy feeling when i find a nice brand-name (gap, gymboree, children's place), cute shirt, or rather and few of those, for 39 cents each!! for those that go to thrift stores, you know what i'm talking about. for those who like the should really try thrifting!


dawn said...

I have a friend who started a face book page...she posts a thrift store and you bring a bag of stuff to purge and then shop at the thrift together...Skye wore a beautiful dress t school today (2.00) and I bought her Easter dress (3.00) which looks like maybe a flower girl dress from a wedding...really frilly and spinny. Oh..and I randomly found this "hippy, earthy" platter that matches one I already have that I really like...I love thrifing!