Saturday, April 11, 2009

3 Years Old!

Malachi is 3 years old today! We are so blessed to have him as our son. Here are a few photos from today and yesterday.

Malachi chose oatmeal and strawberries for his birthday breakfast...

He enjoyed a left over cupcake (actually left over from Zoe's birthday party, they were in the freezer)...
Malachi and Kurtis worked on his new train set this morning and while they did that Zoe picked up this piece...put it in her mouth...tripped...
...and did this to her mouth. It bled quite a bit but we think she is fine and will keep her two front teeth. Hopefully we won't have anymore accidents any time soon, otherwise social services will come after us.

We 'celebrated' Malachi's birthday by working on our garden. We switched out our winter vegetable garden and planted our spring/summer vegetables. Here Malachi is inspecting the two puny carrots we grew. He was not impressed and wouldn't even taste them. I ate them, they were good.This is Malachi opening up the gift Gramma and Grampa (from Texas) sent him, a CD of stories read by Jim Weiss. We started listening to it already, thank you!!!
On Friday, we celebrated Malachi's birthday with some of his friends. Here they are holding up some books we found at the One Dollar Bookstore to give as favors, they are some of Malachi's favorite stories.
We did a "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" theme which is another of Malachi's favorite books.
The kids made coconut trees out of their food. I found the idea here. I used PB&J sandwich slices instead of the chocolate wafer cookie.

We also tried coconut bowling but the kids weren't too into that. It was a fun time, quite crazy having that many kids in our tiny little place, but fun!

Thank you to everyone for coming and for the fabulous gifts! He can't get enough of the Ikea rocker (thanks Allens); he will wear his outfit from the Igos for Easter tomorrow, thanks Igos; he can barely wait to do the sand art (thanks Smiths); Copelands, he loves the balls (so does Zoe) he even took one to bed with him tonight, thank you!; Thank you Verwys' for the memory game, I hope to play that enough to sharpen my mind :); and Nespers, he has helped me clean once already with his cleaning set, thank you!