Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite Parenting Advice

I must admit, God has blessed us with two fabulous kids. Malachi is now 2 years (and 5 months) and Zoe is just over 5 months. Having two has not been as difficult as I imagined or was told but I think the majority of that is due to God's grace. But in the anticipation of having Zoe I received a piece of advice from my cousin (thanks Autumn) that has been helpful:

"Don't be afraid to put down the baby in order to follow through with disciplining the toddler."
(paraphrased, but you get the idea)

Malachi is an intelligent, funny, sweet and helpful boy but he still is human (and a toddler) and is therefore not without a sinful nature. He wants to push the limits and boundaries and see what he can get away with. And following this advice helps him to see that he cannot just do whatever he pleases while I am breastfeeding or whatever, cause I WILL stop and deal with his disobedience to put him in time out, take something away, etc.

Being a second born, I am very concerned about giving Zoe what Malachi had...being fair, if you will. But I realize it is much better for ALL of us if I can be consistent in disciplining, Zoe will not be traumatized if she has to wait for the boob while I do what needs to be done. In fact, it models to her at an early age that some things can wait and that mommy is serious about her and her brother's soul formation.

All this to say...I work on this every day and am not anywhere near perfect at it. Find out about more Favorite Parenting Advice at withpurpose, or add your own to the list.