Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, the joy and laughter they bring...

We visited Kurtis' mom today. She suffered a stroke in June, following heart surgery, and is in rehab working hard to regain the use of her left side. The place she is at is fabulous and they have a large yard in the back where we were able to lay out a blanket, thanks to Kurtis' aunt who was there as well as was his dad, under a tree and relax.
I think the best part for mom, and the rest of us, was being able to watch the kids enjoy themselves. Both having fun with where they are at right now. What a great picture of contentment.

Malachi enjoyed running around shirtless and drank a cold Gatorade, hence the blue mustache. Zoe enjoyed sitting and 'crawling' around on the blanket finding her toys, or her brother's sippy cup, to chew on.

We noticed a tiny snail on the blanket that captured Malachi's attention for a short bit, then he went back to running around.


Anonymous said...

Those 2 black and white pics are adorable! I was just thinking yesterday about how much fun we had hanging out with you all! We have replaced the binoculars with a monocular, and I was thinking that Malachi might actually be able to get this one to work, since I don't think he could really see out of the binoculars. It is officialy September and we would love to hang out this month!